Minor Repairs
Replace switch, cord and brushes. Run and test. Tool will not be completely disassembled.

Major Repairs
Tool will be completely disassembled, 'cleaned and all parts checked and replaced as necessary. All lubricants will be replaced.

All tools received that require disassembly, or that appear to have been in service for a long period of time, will receive "Major Repairs". This will be done unless we are otherwise instructed by the customer. (Exceptions: Warranty Repairs)

Cords and Plugs
All cords and plugs found to be in poor or unsafe condition will be replaced with a manufactures original cord assembly, unless the customer requests and specifies one of the new NEMA approved plugs. Under no circumstances will we install a cord or plug that does not meet NEMA or OEM standards.

Price Quoting
The customer will be quoted on all costs of repairs exceeding 50% of the list price of a new tool.

Tear Down and Estimate (Tool Not Repaired)
A charge will be made for tear down and inspection. Tools not Repaired will be returned disassembled. We will only reassemble upon the customers request and then only if the tool is in a safe and operating condition. The customer will be charged for the tool to be reassembled.

Warranty Repairs
When a tool is brought in for repair, it is the customer's responsibility to advise us if he or she expects repairs under warranty. If not advised we will use our own judgment. If a customer expects warranty and we feel it is not justified, we will advise him or her accordingly before completing the repairs. A copy of the invoice must be supplied before work will begin, and a complete explanation of what is wrong with the tool must be given.

Safety Devices
It is the policy of Industrial Equipment Repair Inc., and our manufacturers that any repairs made must include all safety guards. If the customer cannot provide the safety guards then one MUST be installed at cost to the customer, or the tool cannot be repaired.
The Guard, if supplied by customer, will be brought in prior to the repairs being started.


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